Education and E-rate Services

MWFN is a certified E-rate service provider committed to helping K-12 districts create customized wide area networks that seamlessly meet current education IT demands and future expectations-all while containing costs on multiple levels.

MWFN assists our school district clients harness the full power of their networks; we specialize in overcoming the increasingly frustrating financial and operational obstacles associated with traditional network deployments. Through converged voice, video and data high-speed fiber optic networks, we're helping schools-and students-move into the future. At the speed of light.

For your district’s education IT needs, high-speed, dedicated fiber optic networks from MWFN offers:


MWFN services offer a predictable, fixed cost that does not change from year to year. No matter how much speed you add, your cost stays the same. Finally you're seeing a measurable return on your investment, year after year.


As your district's needs grow, the MWFN network evolves with you. Your costs remain fixed and, with small equipment changes, you can increase the speed of your network any time.


MWFN will handle all your maintenance and repair needs easily efficiently and in a fraction of the time.


By provisioning your district's traffic through dedicated dark fiber strand, the fiber optic network is the most secure option available.