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Private Optical Fiber

MWFN is a premier Carrier Neutral provider of high-capacity transport services for carriers as well as large and medium-sized businesses. MWFN can offer carriers and enterprise customers an innovative way to get the specific optical networking solutions needed to achieve their objectives by designing, building, and managing a cost-effective private network for each network solution requirement.


A Optical Network Built with Your Need for Speed in Mind

Midwest Fiber Networks can design, build, and maintain a Private Optical Network that meets the needs and goals of your growing business.

Today’s (end-user) often find themselves needing a network designed and built to support their specific networking requirements. However, the time and costs associated with building a private network, along with the level of specialized knowledge and expertise required to undertake this endeavor, make it unfeasible for most companies even to consider.

MWFN and its partners provide years’ of expertise to help achieve and develop these private optical networks customized to your individual business needs or the needs or a larger group with multiple users.

Step 1

Concept Phase:

MWFN works with its customers’ business to gain a full understanding of the individual networking requirements and develops the network architecture solution that works for the needs of the organization or group. This includes determining which customer locations will be included in the optical network, establishing the physical routes the network will take, determining the optical layer design, and specifying the equipment configuration. Once this is complete, MWFN will deliver a comprehensive plan with fiber route maps, time lines, and cost estimates.

Step 2

Design & Approval Phase:

MWFN as this stage will work to secure the legal right of ways and facility use agreements as required to implement the design, which could include negotiating rights of way, leasing space, and providing colo space for customer hardware.

Step 3

Build Phase:

MWFN assembles a project team to coordinate the efforts of the various partners involved in the build phase and to ensure that the project meets its targeted date for customer turnover.

Step 4

Maintenance Phase:

MWFN offers a full suite of managed services to keep this new optical network running once it is built an operational. This includes 24X7X365 network monitoring services to ensure that it performs at its fullest level and in the event of an emergency that these services are restored in a much shorter time interval to lessen the impact to the impacted customer