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As Wisconsin’s best alternative fiber internet provider, we offer reliable high-speed internet service with speeds up to 1G.




MWFN Home, our residential fiber internet service, brings high-speed internet to select communities in areas throughout Milwaukee, Washington and Ozaukee Counties with limited provider or speed options. 


If you're ...

  • Tired of slow speeds and poor connectivity
  • Seeking Wisconsin-based customer service
  • Eager to break free from annual fee increases 

...then, MWFN Home is the right service for you.


We currently offer our fiber internet service in 4 tiers*:



Best for: regular web surfing (i.e., checking email, paying bills, visiting social media sites)



Best for: working & learning from home, connecting multiple WiFi-enabled devices, streaming HD video on multiple devices



Best for: multi-player online gaming, whole-home Wi-Fi connectivity, working & learning from home, streaming 8K & HD video on several devices



Best for multi-player gaming, multi-device streaming, smart home integration & home security


One-time installation cost may apply; additional cost for Wi-Fi unit may be included.


Register your interest in services today, and someone from our team will contact you to discuss plans & pricing and answer any questions you may have.



Are you a business owner? If you’re searching for a business internet provider, you’ve found us. Learn more about our fiber for business.

All-In-One Service

Powerful Home Wi-Fi

With MWFN Home Wi-Fi, your entire home will have coverage with fast, reliable connectivity.

Easy Network Management

Manage your network & enjoy secure protection all from the intuitive CommandIQ® app.

Local, 24/7 Expertise

Enjoy a stress-free experience with Wi-Fi installed, supported & managed by Midwest Fiber Networks. 

MWFN Home Internet = Wi-Fi Unleashed

Using our GigaSpire BLAST system, our fiber internet service also comes with Wi-Fi 6 – providing safe, fast, reliable internet that covers your whole home.


Say goodbye to what you thought you knew about connectivity. Say goodbye to interference, dead spots, and low bandwidth, too. With our GigaSpire BLAST system, your experience is sensational – everywhere in your house. We're using the newest technology to provide the best performance.



Family Using Home Internet

Ultimate Wi-Fi Deserves the Ultimate App

Take control of your home with CommandIQ®



Set up
– In less than 1 minute, set up your whole system

– The freedom to link your whole home and smart devices

– Get real-time updates on your network security

– Prioritize network bandwidth for specific devices & uses (e.g., working from home during the day)

– Set up parental controls and regulate the web with ease

– Create a guest network – connect your friends and family with a simple tap

– Manage guest access and network speeds

Local, Superior Customer Support


With MWFN Home, your home and family will be supported with Wisconsin-based customer support from Midwest Fiber Networks. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is available 24/7 to troubleshoot issues, and we're regularly developing self-help content to answer questions & provide on-demand support. You can find FAQs below, email our customer support team or call us at 414-459-3550.


Following installation, our technicians will work with you on initial network set up,  password information, and easy app setup for network monitoring. Through our CommandIQ® app, you can monitor and manage your network & address basic troubleshooting from your personal devices.



Local Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Is connecting to Wi-Fi the same as connecting to the internet?

The short answer is no, not technically. Just because you're connected to your Wi-Fi router doesn't mean you are also connected to the internet. You might notice from time to time that your computer says you're connected to Wi-Fi, but you're not able to access any websites or send email.


This means one of two things:

  • Your modem is not properly connected to the internet 
  • Your Wi-Fi router is not successfully connected to your modem


(If you're experiencing this issue, read our troubleshooting guide here, or give our Network Operations Center (NOC) a call at 866-831-1661.)


The next time you "get on Wi-Fi," you'll know there's a bit more to it. You are actually connecting to a router that is then connecting to the modem that is then connecting to the internet.


For a full explanation of the internet vs. Wi-Fi, read our full guide here.

What factors affect connection speeds?

Are there times where you're not getting the speed you should be? Before calling us, consider the factors below first.


  • All online activities aren't created equal (when it comes to speed). There are minimum speeds needed to enjoy different online activities. Make sure you have the right speed to meet your needs. Do you stream TV and movies? If so, make sure the speed you've selected is fast enough to support the video quality you're expecting when streaming. Most companies have minimums for the different levels of video quality (i.e., standard definition or SD, high definition or HD and ultra high-definition or 4K). Netflix recommends the following:
    • SD = 3 Mbps
    • HD = 5 Mbps
    • Ultra/4K =  25 Mbps


  • Different devices support different speeds. Make sure your connected devices are capable of supporting the speeds you're expecting. Apple and Android-based devices, for example, have maximum Wi-Fi speeds they're capable of supporting. If you're using a phone that's more than 3 years old, you might not be getting the full download/upload speeds in your home.


  • Older equipment might be slowing you down. If your service hasn't recently been installed or you're using your own equipment, make sure that it's relatively new. Technology is constantly updated, and simply put, new routers work better. 


For more in-depth details on these factors, you can read our fact sheet.


If you're still having issues, please give our Network Operations Center (NOC) a call at 866-831-1661.

How do I determine what speed I need?

In order to determine the speed needed, it’s important to consider how you use the internet on a day-to-day basis. Now, we’re all doing a lot more interactive activities online that require fast download AND upload speeds; that includes working from home, streaming movies and TV, online gaming and video chatting. After all, there’s nothing worse than your screen freezing when you’re on an important video call or in the middle of your favorite show or movie.

To help, we’ve created a simple calculator to help you understand your current internet usage (and other activities that may use internet down the road) in order to determine the best speed for your needs. You can download a copy here.

How do I setup or reset my equipment?

First, let us just say it’s pretty easy. But don’t just take our word for it; comedian Gerry Dee will walk you through how to set up your system in our short, 3-minute video.


Watch the 3 minute video here

For more instructions or specifics, call our Network Operations Center (NOC) a call at 866-831-1661.

How can I monitor my network?

Using our CommandIQ® app, you can easily monitor your network’s performance and set up specific alerts, controls and preferences all from your mobile device.

To get started, go to the App Store or Google Play Store, and download the app. Once downloaded, you’ll be prompted to enter your network ID and a few other key pieces of information.

After initial set up, watch our quick, 3-minute video on how to use different functions within the app, including bandwidth prioritization to ensure you have exactly what you need when you’re working from home or seeking entertainment for the day.

Who do I contact when an outage or network issue occurs?

If you're experiencing a network outage or issue that you're unable to manage or resolve through the CommandIQ® app, please contact our Network Operations Center (NOC) at 866-831-1661 at any time for 24/7 customer support.

Is MWFN fiber internet available for businesses, too?

YES! In fact, our success has been built on our business customer relationships. We offer dedicated fiber internet, leased dark fiber, ethernet transport, colocation data center management and managed IT services. To learn more, visit our Business section or contact us today.