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As Wisconsin continues to focus on increasing broadband access, we’re focused on helping to bridge that gap by providing fiber internet to communities throughout Southeast Wisconsin. While our footprint is small today, we’re leveraging our private, all-fiber network to provide high-speed internet service to residents in neighborhoods that have limited provider or speed options.


As we expand, we want to keep residents informed as to where we’re at, what’s next, and when new areas may be able to expect our fast, reliable fiber internet service.


Expand some of the key topics below to find out where we’re at in the process, what to expect, and how to register today so we can follow up with you when service is available for your address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your current service areas?

Village & Town of Jackson, East of I-94 from Mequon to Port Washington

Do you only offer fiber internet?

Yes. We only offer fiber, and that’s because we want to offer only the best. Fiber delivers better video picture and sound, provides incredible reliability when working from home, has the lowest latency for activities like online gaming, and handles multiple connected devices with ease.

What is a fiber network?

Fiber internet uses cutting-edge technology to deliver data to and from your devices at the speed of light. Fiber optic cables are constructed via small flexible strands of glass. Light travels through those lines at speeds the far surpass that of cable and DSL. Unlike copper, DSL or wireless internet technologies, fiber internet also is unaffected by electrical surges, moisture or cold since the signal is light instead of electricity. Fiber also sends data further than other technologies, regardless of your distance from the fiber backbone.

How can I get service to my area?

Spread the word! Our current service areas (and targeted service areas) are based on the location of our existing fiber lines; that said, if there’s enough interest in an area we haven’t targeted, and it’s not miles away from our fiber line, it’s certainly an area we can discuss and consider. That said, we rely on the help of local residents to encourage their family, friends and neighbors to register interest, which will help us identify new areas to target. You also can use some of our pre-made resources to help start the conversation; find them here.

What can I expect if you’re building in my area?

There are several steps that occur from beginning to end, starting with construction outside of your home (i.e., in the public Right of Way) to install the fiber backbone needed to bring fiber directly to your house. Once the backbone is installed, any landscape, sidewalk or roadway restoration will be completed. At that point, direct-to-home installation will be ready, and interested residents who've registered for service will be contacted to coordinate their installation.

What if I have an issue with construction outside my home?

If you see any issues that have not been addressed by our restoration team after construction of our fiber backbone (main network lines primarily running along public property), please contact us at

Will any construction need to be done on my property?

Yes. Once the backbone has been completed, fiber lines will need to be dropped directly to your home. At that time, we’ll coordinate the work with you and any steps needing to be completed ahead of time.

Who can I contact for more information about the process?

Please send any additional questions on the construction process to