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Eager to get our service in your area? Help us spread awareness of MWFN Home lightning-fast fiber internet by sharing information with your neighbors, friends and family. We have a few pre-made resources for you to educate your community on MWFN Home & Midwest Fiber Networks.




To put it simply, it’s the best … and the last internet service you’ll ever need. How do we know that? We have more than 20 years of experience providing fiber to some of Southeast Wisconsin’s most notable businesses, and now we’re leveraging that expertise to bring reliable, high-speed internet to communities across the Greater Milwaukee area. Our expertise, coupled with our ability to provide local, one-on-one customer service & support, allows us to bring top-notch internet service at reasonable prices that don’t result in downtime, frequent outages, hidden fees, or long-distance support.

Advantages of MWFN Home Fiber Internet Service – Wisconsin’s best alternative for fast, reliable internet


  • Increase in home value: up to 3.1% (source: Fiber Broadband Association)
  • Fastest, most reliable connection (based on transmission of light speed through fiber lines – avoids weather, electricity issues, etc.)
    • Allows for low to no disruptions and the ability to do various bandwidth-heavy activities at once
  • Local, highly-skilled & well-trained technicians and customer service staff (including detailed self-help)
  • No long-term contracts with hidden fees